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Team Nice

Our MOST important job as the parents of sensory children is our job from the sidelines. We are the lead Cheerleaders for Team Nice and it’s a big role. Here are the Top 5 Team Nice Cheers:


We know the world is overwhelming to you. You often manage big feelings that don’t make sense and a body that doesn’t always do what you want it to do so when you show up each and everyday, that’s already a Big Win.


We know that simple things can often be harder for you. We witness how hard you work each and every day to show up and learn despite many external challenges. We are amazed by your effort.


We have come to learn how important small victories really are! A mastered task, an expression of a big feeling, taking a social risk, or a focused work session are big wins. You are amazing.


We have come to realize that we’re not all that different from you. We have a way of doing things that we think is valuable and important and so do you. We stand on the sidelines with verbal cues and visual guides to support your journey as needed. But our main job is to value your way as much as our own.


When we believe and say “You Can Do It”, it means today and everyday. We know that, just like everyone else, you are doing the best that you can everyday. And somedays it’s a much harder journey than others. We won’t give up – we know you can do it today and everyday.

We also know that we’ll have hard days too and we’re going to need to be our own cheerleaders and say the TEAM NICE Cheers to ourselves. But that just helps us understand that we’re all connected and all in this together. If we can learn these cheers for ourselves, we’ll be even better at cheering for you.

So let’s give three Cheers for TEAM NICE – here’s to Effort, Small Victories, and You ♥ ~


Presents can tell a story if you let them. It can often be harder for our sensory kids to see the story behind a gift as they often understand the concrete item easier then the feeling behind it. Taking the time to find and share the story can help make the feeling of giving / receiving gifts a little more real for our sensory kids.

Every year, I tell my kids the story of one of my favorite Christmas presents – the Kit Cat Clock. My sister, someone who is near and dear to me, gave it to me years ago. I love that it came from her but love even more where it takes me when I look at it. It takes me back to summer visits to my Grandmother’s beach cabana. My Grandmother’s cabana neighbor was a magical woman named Claire, a retired cosmetics executive. Going into Claire’s cabana was a multi-sensory experience. It had pink walls, light pink fuzzy furniture, had a constant smell of soft perfume, candy dishes all around, and a Kit Cat clock on the wall. The Kit Cat clock became the first thing I would look for as I walked in – something grounding in the sea of pink. When I look at it the Kit Cat clock today, it gives me the gift of family love, warm beaches, and the magic of that pink cabana.

When we take a moment to remember the who, the why, the feeling we got / get, a story begins to take shape. And a story often brings us to a memory. And this is the real gift of presents – the opportunity to relive a memory and share it with our families ~