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Mealtime can be a challenging time for many sensory kids. This can be due to attentional issues, fine motor challenges making utensils difficult, or Sensory Processing Disorder that brings challenges with the texture, smell, and taste of many foods. Melissa Desrochers, a mom and an owner of a day-care business, saw a need with her own picky eaters at home and through her profession. She also notices that these same picky-eaters loved eating off toothpicks and Pick-Ease was born!

Here’s why I think Pick-Ease are such a powerful mealtime tool:

The Power of Choice

Rigid, anxious, and distracted kids can have a tough time with transitions especially if it’s a transition to an undesired task like eating for the picky eater. With Pick-Ease, giving a picky-eater a choice over what color / character Pick-Ease they would like to use can be a huge support for getting them over the hump.

The Art of Distraction

Sometimes, sustained focus at mealtimes is tough for our sensory kids and bringing in controlled distractions can be a big support. Having a collection of Pick-Ease to use throughout the meal can help bring fun into mealtime all while helping our sensory kids stay engaged and on-task.

The Gift of the Fascination

As we know, bringing in a fascination into any experience can be a huge support for many of our sensory kids. With 12 different character choices, every child should find a Pick-Ease that supports a love or fascination.

Frustration Support

As we know with many sensory kids, taking away one frustration often changes the whole experience. At mealtime, fine motor weaknesses and sensory sensitivities can leave our sensory kids prone to a low-frustration tolerance and to being easily overwhelmed by all the stimuli coming at them. With it’s big grip and chunky handle, Pick-Ease takes way the fine-motor frustration at mealtime which inevitability lessens the impact of the other sensory input.

For me, Sensory Organizing is about learning ways to reduce the stress from daily experiences for my sensory child so we can have more moments of real connection. Mealtime can be a challenging experience for many sensory kids. Pick-Ease can soften this experience for our kids and allow for better eating, sustained focus, and more fun. Simple tools for more peaceful days ~

For more about Melissa Desrochers and Pick – Ease, go to Check out her Facebook page for up-to-date product information and fun food ideas