Fireworks One of the highlights of Summer is travel – trips to see family, check out new places, and try new things. Often, these are also things that can be challenging for many sensory kids. Thankfully, by bringing a few extra supports on the road, we can often soften the new or overwhelming experiences. One easy way to support sensory kids on the road is to bring along a easy-to-make, easy-to-adjust Travel Schedule.

Here’s a simple and portable Travel Schedule:

* Identify the experiences / times of day you think might need some extra support – challenging routines or new experiences and focus on those top 2-3 few times to support with visual schedule. For a child that needs less support, this can be used for a broader, full day schedule. Be sure to mix in some fun pictures that highlight favorite people you might see on the trip and/or fascinations.
* A Small 4×6 Photo Book – you can find these at Home Stores (Target, Walmart, Home Goods), Craft Stores, or on
* 4×6 Index Cards – come in white or colored.
* Picture Images (take your own pictures of your real life tasks, pictures from magazines, stock photos, or image software like Boardmaker – , Picture Exchange Communication System – , or Do 2 Learn (can sign-up for an annual membership on Do 2 Learn!) – . You can also get pamphlets or brochures of places you will be visiting and put pieces of those into the visual schedule.
* Black marker to label index cards
* Tape to attach images to index cards.
* Create one image index card that represents a “New or Special” Activity. This can be your universal sign that something new / unexpected is coming. A visual prompt can give sensory kids time to internally prepare.

Take a few moments each morning to set-up the photo book to support key experiences in the upcoming day. The index cards can be moved in / out of plastic photo protectors very easily and allow you to set a chronological / ordered schedule and adjust as needed. By supporting a few challenging times, you give your sensory child (and your family) the opportunity to have more moments of real connection and joy. And connection and joy is what vacation is really all about.
Simple changes for more peaceful summer days ~

Photo Book
Index Cards
Picture Images
Special Activity Image