Sensory Summer Work StationMost schools send home some school work with their students to do over the summer. We all know how hard it can be to get our rigid, anxious, or distracted kids plugged in to doing homework during the school year, let alone over the summer. Thankfully, there are some easy ways we can create some structure, break it down into weekly expectations, and tap into some visual aids. Summer is our chill time too so this falls under Sensory Organizing that helps us help our kids. We know that if our sensory kids know what the plan is ahead of time and can easily find their work supplies, they will be more likely to be successful. And sure enough, it will soon become a part of their summer routine – guessing not their favorite part – but a part nonetheless ~

– Always work with what you have on hand first!
– Fabric Wall Mount Magazine Organizer – I got this one from the Container Store –
(The wall mount option very important in my smallish house. I use vertical space whenever I can!)
– Over-the-Door Single Hooks – Again to make it easy and temporary (no construction!), over-the-door hooks are a nice option. Just be sure that hooks fit into the tabs on magazine organizer. These hooks are from Walmart – Mainstays brand. (To have my magazine organizer fall lower so everyone could reach everything, I added hooks I had on hand to the over-the-door hook).
– Color Coded Supplies – This can be a good option to personalize for each child. This example shows personalized folders from Mead and All Purpose Zipper Bag from Tech Gear.
– Clear Clipboards – I love clear clipboards because they are visually calmer – I found these at Walmart. To color code these a bit, I used the colored Scotch Tape Expressions Tape. The clipboards can be used as a reading / math log of expected weekly work and work completed.
– Labels / Images – for clipboard and folders.

With the 7 pockets I had to work with, the top pocket holds the pencil cases and then each child had 3 pockets – Work Log Clipboard, Math Page Folder, and current reading book. Simple yet visual and structured is the name of the Summer Work Game. That way, we can get back to the real summer fun as soon as possible. Simple changes for more peaceful summer days ~

Magazine Organizer
Over-the-Door Hooks
Pencil Cases
Scotch Tape Expressions
Close-up 1
Close-up 2