Summer Schedule CollageWe all know how much structure and routines help our sensory kids in supporting their rigid, anxious, and distracted behavior during the school year. Once summer rolls around, our kids need these same tools – sometimes more so – due to inconsistent and ever-changing summer schedules. Summer can be a great time to try a new visual schedule format – something alittle more relaxed but with the core tools still at work.

Sharing a Summer Schedule Collage that I made this week with items I had on hand (working with the Organizing Rule of using what I already have!). More casual yet still breaks the day into 3 sections (morning, afternoon, and evening) and allows for 4-5 scheduled items per section. Based on your child, you could set-up one section at a time or do the whole day at once. The clips allow for easy removal of tasks when complete. Believe me – if my not-super-handy self can do this project, you can too!

* Cork Board (I used a 17” x 23” Board)
* Dark Spray Paint (this helps the images visually pop-out more)
* Push Pins
* Duck Tape
* Twine
* Binder Clips
* Mounting squares
* Picture Images (take your own pictures of your real life tasks, pictures from magazines, stock photos, or image software like Boardmaker – , Picture Exchange Communication System – , or Do 2 Learn (can sign-up for an annual membership on Do 2 Learn!) –
* Laminating machine or clear packing tape to protect images

1) Spray Paint Board
2) Measure and Cut 3 Pieces of Twine (I used my board vertically vs. landscape to give me more room for the 3 Times of Day) and wrap each end of twine with a small piece of duck tape.
3) When board dry, attach the pieces of twine to back of board with push pins.
4) Use mounting squares to attach the 3 sections of the day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening
5) Identify and create the most common images you will need for your schedule. If desired, laminate / cover with clear packing tape to protect.
6) Set-up schedule and display! Can be displayed by hanging on wall, resting on a wall shelf, or using a big plate stand.
7) Each morning, set-up your child’s summer plan for the day

***For other uses off-season – as a fascination collage (hold pictures and items of one of your child’s fascinations) or a family / friend collage (hold pictures of family and friends).

Simple changes for more peaceful summer days ~

Supply and Steps in Pictures:

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5