Hang-Dry VisualI don’t know about you but the amount of clothes I have ruined because I forgot to pull out the “hang-dry only” item from the washing machine before throwing the whole load into the dryer is pretty astronomical. If I can’t remember to do it myself, I definitely won’t remember to remind any other laundry helpers to do it either. So I finally surrendered and tried to think about a visual for me (and my helpers!). Had to be easy, eye-catching, and not a whole lot of extra steps (because laundry itself is enough steps!). So here’s what I came up with:

* Adhesive magnets (business card size) from office supply store. See example below from Staples – http://www.staples.com

* Applicable Image – can use stock photo sites, picture from a magazine, picture image software like Boardmaker or Picture Exchange Communication System. I got my image from istockphoto – http://www.istockphoto.com

* Word Processor or White Labels (labels can be trimmed to fit what you need). I think the image / text combination is often the most powerful for us adults.

* Clear Packing Tape – small piece of tape to protect top of image / label after you adhere to magnet. One I like is Scotch Long Lasting Moving & Storage Tape – http://www.scotchbrand.com

Since most washing machines / dryers are magnetic – this visual works like a charm. When not in use “Hang-Dry Item” visual hangs on top /or under door to washing machine. When a hang-dry only piece of clothing in washing machine, “Hang-Dry Item” visual gets moved onto the door of the washing machine so it visually hits you in the face when time to move laundry to dryer. Now just imagine all the great clothes you will be saving in your future.
Simple changes for more peaceful days ~

Adhesive Magnets

Scotch Moving & Storage Tape