iStock_000018311472XSmallI’ve been thinking about you as you begin your sensory parenting journey. I’m sure you are feeling many emotions – love, fear, isolation, somewhat paralyzed – know they’re all normal.  I’ve been reflecting about some of the things I’ve learned about sensory parenting over the past several years and I had a few thoughts I wanted to share with you as you begin to navigate this new, unexpected road ahead.

~ Be Grateful for the Tough Situations:
Some of the most difficult sensory parenting situations we’ve had have given us the most clarity (sometimes not right away mind you!) – about where our sensory child is, what he needs, and how we can best support him.  Bottom line is that we learn infinitely more the 1 time it goes ALL wrong vs. the 99 times it goes kinda right.  Trust that there’s a reason for challenging situations.

~ The Gift of Time:
The gift of time and development is quite an powerful thing for sensory kids. The repetitive tools, supports, visuals aids, and everyday lessons we do over and over really do start to stick. More importantly, we also grow over time – we begin to accept, let go, and understand the gifts sensory children bring, and we get to know true unconditional love.

~ They Figure It Out:
Something that truly amazes me about sensory kids is their innate ability to create their own adjustments / rules to things that are not intuitive to them.  Much like a child with an learning challenge who adapts his technique in order to learn, sensory kids can adapt to this thing called life (using those amazing smarts that they have!).  They learn how to tap into their own cognitive strengths to support their daily experiences. They figure out how to live their life in a perfect, wonderful way.

Most importantly, your sensory child has you – a strong and loving advocate to help them on this journey. This is the biggest advantage they have and don’t you forget it. Learn to trust that you will have what you need when you need it. And know I’m always here and sending you good thoughts and cheers along the way ~