Presents can tell a story if you let them. It can often be harder for our sensory kids to see the story behind a gift as they often understand the concrete item easier then the feeling behind it. Taking the time to find and share the story can help make the feeling of giving / receiving gifts a little more real for our sensory kids.

Every year, I tell my kids the story of one of my favorite Christmas presents – the Kit Cat Clock. My sister, someone who is near and dear to me, gave it to me years ago. I love that it came from her but love even more where it takes me when I look at it. It takes me back to summer visits to my Grandmother’s beach cabana. My Grandmother’s cabana neighbor was a magical woman named Claire, a retired cosmetics executive. Going into Claire’s cabana was a multi-sensory experience. It had pink walls, light pink fuzzy furniture, had a constant smell of soft perfume, candy dishes all around, and a Kit Cat clock on the wall. The Kit Cat clock became the first thing I would look for as I walked in – something grounding in the sea of pink. When I look at it the Kit Cat clock today, it gives me the gift of family love, warm beaches, and the magic of that pink cabana.

When we take a moment to remember the who, the why, the feeling we got / get, a story begins to take shape. And a story often brings us to a memory. And this is the real gift of presents – the opportunity to relive a memory and share it with our families ~