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There is no denying it – Worry is everywhere today.  It impacts all types and all ages – worry has no discrimination.  Being a professional organizer who works with rigid, anxious, and distracted kids, a person who is prone to living with worry myself, and a parent who can see my own children’s struggle with worry and fear, I know the power of uninvestigated worry.

Thankfully, a wonderful new tool has arrived for parents and children, the Worrier to Warrior books by Dr. Dan Peters. The format is one of the most powerful things about this tool – a partner book format: one book for teens and tweens “Worrier to Warrior” and a companion book for parents “Make Your Worrier a Warrior”.  After reading these books as a parent and as a professional, I wanted to share my thoughts on why I am so thankful for these books:

  • Thankful that Dr. Dan Peters comes to these books from a place of personal experience with worry, as a parent raising kids who have battled worry, and as a long-time professional supporting kids and teens living with all types of worry.  This broad perspective makes for a powerful and very real tool.
  • Thankful that Dr. Peters shows kids (and parents!) how to look at anxiety as something separate from themselves, a Worry Monster that comes to visit sometimes instead of something that is permanently a piece of them.  Being able to create space between yourself and worry is the first, very important step.
  • Thankful that these books show the biology behind worry.  This concrete explaination of the fear center of our brain helps our kids (and us!) have something concrete to hold on to as we learn about worry and fear.
  • Thankful to have a tool help my kids (and myself!) identify anxious thoughts and triggers, change thinking, and ultimately reduce the power of the Worry Monster.
  • Thankful that these books celebrate the innate gifts that our Worriers / Warriors bring to the table.  When we can help our kids turn the table on worry, we are also helping them access and share more of their innate gifts – natural intelligence, creativity, and leadership qualities.

To me, the biggest gift of Dr. Peters Worrier to Warrior books is the gift of parents and children journeying through worry together.  The most successful sensory organizing clients I have worked with are the families who have embraced the rigid, anxious, and distracted tendencies in themselves and then each other, redefined organizing together, and worked together to make simple changes.  The Worrier to Warrior books give us the tools to do this together around worry and fear.  With these books, parents and children can work together to stand up to the Worry Monster, create a tangible toolbox to reduce worry, and give us all the courage to do things that we are afraid of.

Being able to fully engage in life as individuals and as a family is something to give thanks for indeed ~


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