Hal Rifkind is a sixth grader who’s having the worst year of his life. Not only is Hal’s best friend going behind his back, but his dad makes him carry his books in an old lady cart and all the kids call him Cartboy. To make matters worse, Hal is nearly failing history. His teacher, Mr. Tupkin, gives the class a yearlong assignment to write a journal that will go in a time capsule so a future being can read it. Hal has no idea how he’s going to make it through sixth grade. But maybe, just maybe, the story of the founding fathers can help.”

 ImageA few weeks ago, I had one of those exciting days when an unknown package showed up at my house, a welcome deviation from the endless barage of bills and catalogues.  I happily discovered the book “Cartboy and the Time Capsule” by L.A. Campbell who was iniviting me to take a look at it.  

 Knowing “Cartboy and the Time Capsule” was about a middle school boy, I thought why not have my own middle school boy look at it also?  My son, who is an avid reader, blew through this book in a few hours not even allowing video games to distract him (sadly, it took his mother much longer to read it!). 

 Thoughts of likable Hal Rifkind’s journey:

 The 40ish year old’s take ~

  • Real Life Stuff – Sixth grader Hal Rifkind’s middle school challenges of dealing with peer pressure, school assignments, mean kids, and embarassing family rules are common experiences for so many kids.  I can’t help but beleive that all kids who read this book will feel more connected by the universal middle school experience.
  • Humor – Lori does an amazing job using humor making Hal’s journey through friendships, school assignments, and family drama all the more fun to read.  
  • Great Visuals – As a big fan of visual aids (I’ve been known to draw on napkins to explain an experience or make a quick plan for my kids!), the illustrations and fantastic timelines are wonderful complements to the story and help everyone connect with Hal and his experience through the eyes of a 6th grader.
  • Hidden Lessons – In additonal to all the humor, great visuals, and real life stuff in this book, Lori has managed to hide a history lesson in every chapter – no small feat!

 The 12 year old’s take (always concise and eloquent!) ~

“An amusing and amazing book at the same time.” 

“Cartboy and the Time Capsule” is a comical and delightful look at middle school life. Here’s to hoping that Hal has more adventures to share with us soon!  To learn more, check out http://lacampbellwriter.com/ and http://www.amazon.com/Cartboy-Time-Capsule-L-A-Campbell/dp/0765333171