Although much of my business is focused on organizing “sensory” kids – like those with ADHD, OCD, Anxiety Disorder, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder, I also work with many adults who are organizationally challenged – either due to a major life change or because of inherent struggles with planning and organizing.  While I love looking at pretty organizing pictures as much as the next person, they can set an unrealistic goal about  what “getting organized” looks like.  Trying to match a magazine photo of an organized home can be next to impossible for many of us – and I’m pretty organized!  That’s why I am a big fan of getting real about organizing – it’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it functions for you to make your day-to-day life easier.

3 Steps to Get Real

Re-Define Organized

Create your own definition of what organized means for you right now.  If you are always loosing your car keys and can’t pay your bills on time, organizing for you will not mean de-cluttering your kitchen cabinets or going through a closet. Focus on your needs today.

Small & Simple First

It is often the small, cluttered annoyances that push us over the edge and waste our time.  Start with the simple changes first.  Being able to find your keys on time every single day would make a powerful change in your day.  When you create a successful key system, you will gain confidence and motivation to move onto a bigger challenge.

Use What You Have

The last thing you want to do is go out and buy more things you might not need – you could end up adding more clutter to your home.  When coming up with a new system, try it first with things you already have around the house.  A simple tray could work as a key & cell phone station or a basket could work as a mail station.  Once you are confident the system is working and you are sticking with it, you can commit to finding the right piece for the job.

Simplify organizing – make it about what you need for your day to be less stressful and more fulfilling.  Take a moment today to re-define “getting organized”, then start small & simple, and use what you already have on hand.  Make it real, make it functional, and believe it is enough for today ~