As the parent of a sensory child, I am usually very grateful for the gifts of my journey.  That being said, I can and do have my “I wish my kid didn’t have to deal with this” moments.  I had one of those moments recently when reviewing the progress / challenges with someone who works with our family.  But, as is often the case, this person said something that made a wonderful, lasting impression.  He said “Almost all of us are going to have a major challenge to deal with at some point in our lives.  You can have the gift of learning how to deal with challenges on page 5 of your life or you can learn it on page 50”.  Wow.

Wanted to share my thoughts on the the hidden gifts of having your challenging experience on page 5 of your life:

  • The Gift of Self-Awareness

Pretty amazing to have a solid understanding of who you are at a young age.  The strengths, the challenges, and the courage you have to get through tough periods.

  • Compassion

Nothing can develop compassion or motivate action to help others who are suffering like experiencing some level of suffering yourself. Now imagine being able to develop this skill on page 5 of your life.

  • Personalized Tool Box

Knowing what helps you when you’re down, knowing how to ask for help, and being able to connect and calm your mind when you need to, are invaluable tools. They are also much easier to learn and absorb on page 5 of life then to learn for the first time on page 50.

Here’s to all the kids out there who have learned how to live with challenges on page 5.  May all the future pages be filled with genuine self-awareness, motivating compassion, and a full tool box for the journey.