As I enjoy a much needed vacation with my family, I am reminded of some of the amazing gifts of extra time.  I am also aware of my need to be better at incorporating some of these chill-out principles into my everyday life with my family and my sensory child.  A few of the simple gifts of downtime:

  • Time to Connect over Fascinations

The beauty of extra time is I really let myself get drawn into fascinations that are important to both of my kids.  Nothing says “I value you” like learning about and engaging in someone’s interests.

  • Relaxed Schedules

This in itself is a wonderful experience for all busy families.  It can also be a gentle and fun time to teach flexibility and spontaneity to our “sensory” kids who rely on planned schedules and mapped out days.

  • Game Time

Nothing connects families like playing games.  Last night, I was able to teach my kids one of my favorite card games.  During the game time, I was able to sneak in extra stories of fun times playing this game while I was growing-up.  The distraction of playing a game allowed both of my kids to learn about me and my early family experience in ways my “sensory” child would fight using traditional conversation.

Time to connect, loose schedules, and playing games is what chilling-out is all about.  As important as it is to model values and ethics to our children, it is as important to show them how to decompress and connect.  Here’s to my next goal of squeezing in some quality time during the busy weeks at home.  Simple changes for more peaceful days!