I try to pause each day and think about the many gifts I receive from raising a sensory child.  Many of our rigid, anxious, and distracted kids see and experience the world in a slightly different way – often with much more clarity and genuine awareness than we do.  My sensory child has enhanced my life in so many ways but none more important then the way he has broadened my experience of Love.

A few things I have learned about true and unconditional love from my sensory child:


Love is in the simple things you do each day for the important people in your life.  Our sensory kids have a unique ability see through all the clutter of life to see what’s important to the people they love.


Our sensory kids have the most amazing ability to express genuine love without expectations of anything in return.  They are the master’s of paying it forward!


For some sensory kids, feelings can be an overwhelming part of their day but one feeling they do understand and crave is love.


Many of our sensory kids have a very clear definition of what makes up the Rules of Life.  My sensory child’s top life rule is that LOVE is Something that Everyone Deserves – no questions asked.

On this day we celebrate love, think of all the wonderful things that you have learned about true love from your sensory child.  These are the sensory gifts that keep on giving all year long!

Happy Valentine’s Day!