The Magic of Duck Tape…………………

There are many wonderful tools out there to help support our sensory kids but, as in all other aspects of life, duck tape comes to the rescue again.

After a presentation, I had a woman come up ask for some ideas in supporting her young sensory son.  One of his favorite activities was picking up bins of legos, blocks, small cars (anything really) and dumping them on the ground.  Not surprising, as he was getting great sensory input with this little activity – auditory and visual rewards as things hit the ground and danced all around him – fun stuff for sure.  Poor Mom was going crazy picking up things all day all over her house (remember, it’s the little things that that start to drive us crazy!)

So I suggested creating a little structure around this favorite activity using visual supports (i.e. duck tape) and the power of choice.  I told her to take pictures of the 3 choices of dumping materials (legos, blocks, and cars), label, and laminate.  Next, get a roll of duck tape in his favorite color (yes, duck tape comes in every color imaginable!) and tape out a section of a room that would be the “DUMP ZONE”.  I suggested she take a picture of the newly created “DUMP ZONE” and hang on the wall of the “DUMP ZONE” to help her son identify where the dumping will be taking place.  Lastly, I suggested a picture schedule of the 3 step process of picking up the toys, putting them back into the bin, and dumping out all over again.  This would also be great to hang in the “DUMP ZONE” area for easy support at clean-up time.

The new process would look like this:

  1. Son picked his dumping material of choice using the laminated choice cards
  2. Mom brought him over to dump zone and to let the dumping begin! Mom gently guided him to stay within the duct tape boundaries.
  3. Mom would get the clean-up picture schedule to help show her son how to pick-up the pieces so he could do it again (reward for the pick-up time!)

Needless to say, Mom was excited to have a little more structure and control over this one activity that was driving her crazy.  This is a nice example of how we can meet in the middle when supporting life at home with our sensory kids.

Simple changes for more peaceful days!