It’s OK to let them get “stuck” once in awhile……

Many of our “sensory” kids can have sticky brains that makes small, seemingly unimportant things get stuck.  When they are in that moment, nothing can push them through – no logic, no bribes, no rewards (unless an extreme reward of one of their fascinations!) These can seem like small, tiny things that shouldn’t make a difference and should be easy to move past.  Not so for “sensory” kids.  These small, unimportant things are extremely important to them.  For in that moment, they have just experienced that 100th change to their internal plan for the day and their flexibility button has jammed and they need to feel, for one moment, that they have some control over this big, crazy world they are trying to make sense of every single day.

Don’t always fall into the trap of what your “sensory” child “should do”.  If their “must have” is something small and unimportant (and doesn’t involve hitting a sibling, screaming at a parent, or jumping out of an airplane), let them have their moment of “yes” and give them the small gift of something making sense for a small part of the day.     It’s OK to occasionally let yourself avoid the urge to get stuck in your own view of what has to happen.

Maybe this is  one of the gifts our “sensory” kids give to us – the excuse to let go of some of our own rigid expectations in order to help them have a more peaceful, predictable day.  Here’s to being “unstuck” so we can let them enjoy a moment of “stuckness”.  A simple change for a more peaceful day!