As I go through my days as a parent of a “sensory” child and as a professional organizer who supports families with “sensory” kids (like those with ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorder, OCD, sensory processing disorder (SPD), asperger’s, Bipolar disorder, and autism), I frequently have ideas, observations, questions, and realizations about understanding “sensory” kids and how we can do simple things with structure, routines, and visual aids to support their day-to-day experience.  These come to me many times throughout the day and sometimes come from a place of what I know but more often from a place of what I need to learn myself (and sometimes need to hear over and over before I do what I need to do!).

Wherever I go and whatever I do, I am drawn to “sensory” kids and I frequently watch and observe hoping to learn another small piece of what makes them tick on the inside thus moving me to the place of creating simple strategies to tap into their innate strengths and support the challenges.

Here I will write and share my own ideas, observations, questions, and realizations as a parent and as a professional hoping that we will all finish each day stronger and better equipped to support and embrace our “sensory” kids and our entire families.   I would love to hear your ideas, experiences, questions, realizations  –

Here’s to simple changes for more peaceful times with our “sensory” kids!